Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wrapping Up: By the Numbers

Well we dropped the ball on blogging. Turns out, it's harder to keep a blog going for a full year than for a one week staycation.

However, we did not stop Chinooking. Here's a run down on our 2012 Chinook Book experience.

We had three Chinook Books--two we purchased on sale and one was a gift. Each book came with a set of mobile coupons and as a promo for the Chinook Book Ap, we each got an extra set of mobile coupons. Although we only spent $27, we had access to 8 sets of coupons!

  • We used 27 mobile coupons and 58 print coupons: 85 in total.
  • We saved $418
  • We saved the most in groceries ($117) with Home & Garden ($103) and Restaurants ($100) a close second and third.
  • The average coupon saved us $4.92
  • Accounting for the cost of the books, we saved a net $391.
 All in all, a great year of Chinooking!

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